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Within diverse groups of people, conflict is inevitable in the workplace.  Fuelled by stress, contrasting personalities & values, job pressures and  incidences of hostility or aggression & poor communication, the likelihood of conflict is increased.


Mediation can be used to create a workplace culture of fairness & equity and to support HR policies in areas of conflict resolution.


With a neutral third - party intervention, mediation gets to the heart of the matter to ensure resolution, while upholding respect and integrity of the parties.

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A meeting between two or more parties who are experiencing conflict, with the aim of meeting to lead discussions and find a resolution.


An independent neutral third party facilitates the process.

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Stay Calm

Listen to understand

Accentuate the positive

State your case tactfully

Attack the problem not the person

Avoid the blame game

Focus on future, not the past

Ask the right kinds of questions

Be creative

Pick your battles

Celebrate agreement

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During a mediation session someone can request;

An individual session

A joint meeting

An opening statement


Problem solving and negotiation

Design a settlement agreement

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What are the

Benefits of Workplace


  • Cutting the cost of conflict 

  • Diverting conflict away from costly adversarial procedures 

  • Getting work relationships back in line 

  • Enhancing Communication 

  • Stimulating healthy change and avoiding stagnation 

  • Fostering Dignity at work 

  • Improving understanding of how to prevent costly conflict 

  • Enhancing people's handling of their own dispute

Do you have a Human Resources Policy?

If you are a new company or existing organisation we can help you write and introduce appropriate Human Resources policies.


However if you already have human resource policies in place, we can assist in reviewing for legislative updates and best practice. 

Our HR policies include;

  • General Conditions of employment

  • Disciplinary Code

  • Training policy

  • HIV Policy

  • Reconciliation and reward, etc 

Organisations can introduce different human resource policies as and when needed in line with the growth of their organisations.




to resolve your workplace conflict

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