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“Conflict creates opportunity!”

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I guess you are wondering what does that mean?

How does conflict create opportunity ?

Allow me a brief explanation to start, of course I will go into more detail and describe what i mean by that statement.

Conflict exists, all around us, every day, and in so many different situations and circumstances in our daily lives. It could be at home, at the office, in schools, in our communities and or in church and clubs. It exists between friends, siblings, colleagues employees and many other relationships.

Conflict creates the opportunity to improve communication and understanding of the other persons interests and needs. When you commit to giving mediation a try, the opportunities are endless. One of my favourite quotes include “ walk into mediation and you walk into a world of possibilities.”

So simply put, if you are willing to give mediation a try, it creates the opportunity to improve relationships, by way of communication, active listening, better understanding and a flexible, empowering process, that we call Mediation.

There are so many benefits and reasons why you should consider Mediation as your first attempt at resolving a dispute. It is Confidential, Quicker, Less expensive and flexible. It’s also without prejudice. Mediation also promotes communication and improved relationships. It promotes better understanding and flexible ways to resolve disputes.

The parties in the mediation process are responsible for the outcome or resolution of the issue at hand, and the mediator is a neutral 3rd party that facilitates the process.

Should you be interested in learning more about Mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Get in touch with our team on Phone: 311 5867 or email us:

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