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5 Benefits of Peer Mediation for Young Adults

1. Peer mediation teaches young adults essential life skills in today’s world where conflict resolution skills are fundamental for communicating effectively, evaluating solutions to problems and co-existing with people with whom one may have disagreements. Mediation improves communication amongst students, teachers and parents.

2. Mediation motivates young adults to talk things out collaboratively rather than fight things out. It fosters feelings of belonging, ownership and control over school life. It decreases the tension that results from unresolved and escalating conflicts.

3. It helps to empower young adults as it does not exonerate them from their actions but rather encourages them to accept responsibility for their own actions. Mediation assists in students becoming emotionally intelligent as they learn that conflicts cannot be reduced to right versus wrong, them versus us, me versus them. Mediation leads to an understanding approach that conflicts are often the result of misperception, misunderstanding and different needs.

4. Mediation increases self- esteem in young people. Self- esteem is increasingly regarded as essential to young people’s success. Through mediation parties are left with a sense of feeling successful and accomplished. Many factors which contribute to problems such as substance abuse and teenage pregnancy include low self-esteem, lack of decision making skills and negative peer pressure which are often positively affected by peer mediation programmes.

5. Mediation can also be used as a tool for preventing conflict in the sense that mediation cannot only be used after a conflict has erupted into violence but can be used to effectively prevent conflict from escalating.

Contact us for more information on peer mediation. Our accredited mediators are trained and experienced in helping peers to find win-win solutions to even the most complex issues.

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