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Problem solving by youth for youth

Peer mediation is a process by which two or more students involved in a dispute meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems and achieve a WIN - WIN resolution with the assistance of a unbiased trained peer mediator.


Peer mediators learn to listen effectively, summarise accurately and think critically.

How does it work?

Peer mediators are trained in problem solving, conflict resolution, communication and active listening. Skills to prevent more serious problems from developing in schools or communities.

The aim of peer mediation is to introduce the concept of conflict resolution and inspire applicants to become peer mediators.

What is your natural instinct when faced with conflict?


Being able to identify how we approach conflict can equip us with the right skills to resolve a dispute peacefully while being able to respect everyone in the process.

conflict style-01.png

Conflict Styles?

Shark: Force your point, insist you are right and keep going until you get your way


Owl: Confront, discuss and listen, but speak your mind


Fox: Talk things over and reach a compromise


Teddy Bear: Smooth things over to keep relationships sweet


Turtle: Withdraw and try to avoid conflict

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