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Divorce ends Marriage not Parenting!

Child Psychology

A child's behaviour, mental health and wellbeing are the concern

of many parents. We offer an auxiliary service through

collaboration with a Mental Health Practitioner.

What we offer

  • Parenting coaching with an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing

  • Informal assessments and recommendations or referrals

  • Solution focused/cognitive behavioural approach (time limited, supportive, non-psychotherapeutic)

  • Psychoeducation to help parents understand their child’s behaviour

  • Use of existing tools to support parents to deal with challenges

  • Development of new tools and resources as issues arise

  • Follow up email with summary and/or additional resources


What we offer

  • Parents/carers worried about their children’s behaviour

  • Parents wanting to know more about the effects of divorce or separation

  • Parents who need coaching to support listen to their child

  • Older children and teens who need a space to be heard and get support

  • Families who would like to talk through particular issues that have arisen through mediation



for P650.00

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